Art fairs


The Park Avenue Armory, 27 February - 3 March 2019

IRMA BLANK (b. 1934)
Abecedarium 3-2-91
Oil on canvas
79 ⅞ x 29 ⅛ in. (203 x 74 cm.)

Executed in 1991

Luxembourg & Dayan is pleased to announce its inaugural participation in The Art Show, the annual art fair organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).


The gallery’s stand will house the exhibition Texture and Repetition a selection of works by Michelangelo Pistoletto (b. 1933), Yves Klein (1928–62), and Irma Blank (b. 1934)—three artists whose oeuvres share a focus upon the pictorial surface as a material grid for achieving the utmost optical psychological effect. Often considered components of the decorative, texture, and repetition have in fact played a central tandem role in the evolution of art since the postwar era. In the hands of Klein, Blank, and Pistoletto, they are tools to construct volume and depth, generate a sense of rhythm, or spark in the viewer a greater sense of context both physical and sociopolitical.


Luxembourg & Dayan’s presentation includes a portion from Pistoletto’s project La Gabbia (1967–74), a famous work in which the artist ‘mirrors’ (literally and thus figuratively) a pattern of jail bars, inflicting on the viewer an undeniably claustrophobic experience. The display also includes Yves Klein’s ANT 31 (1960), a work that was produced shortly after the artist concluded a decade of experimentation with various color compositions. ANT 31 was executed after Klein reduced his color palette to a single pigment, a gesture that would come to manifest unprecedented complexities of pictorial wealth. 


Finally, two panels form Irma Blank’s Abecedarium (1991) offer a contemporary link to both Klein and Pistoletto, Blank’s canvases express a different approach to the notions of texture and repetition altogether: The artist emulates the horizontal progression of writing on large elongated canvases, detaching the very gesture of writing from its assumed intelligibility and gradually changing the shades of her panels using a single pigment applied in varying consistencies.



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