René Magritte (Or: The Rule of Metaphor)

27 February - 12 May 2018

René Magritte, Le genre nocturne, 1928. Private Collection, Courtesy Luxembourg & Dayan © DACS, London and ADAGP, Paris, 2018 

Luxembourg & Dayan, London, is proud to announce the opening of René Magritte (Or: The Rule of Metaphor), an exhibition dedicated to the development of Magritte's early word-pictures.


Focusing specifically on Magritte's years in Paris between 1927-30, this exhibition looks beyond the artist's interest in and use of language, seeking to highlight the evolution of his word-pictures in the context of their metaphorical function. These works, as figurative, and even abstract gestures stand in for conceptual tropes, forcing the recipient of the message to complete an unbridgeable gap using their imagination.